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The Indian Economy
Book ID SCS13
ISBN No. 978-93-5161-076-2
Book Name The Indian Economy
Book sub-title Environment and Policy
Author/s name/s : Dhingra I.C.
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Publisher Name Sultan Chand & Sons
Publishing Year 2016
Book Price (Printed) INR 700   
Book Price (Our Price) INR 700   
Book Size 18 x 24 cm.
Book Page xxiv + 868
Book Weight 1250 gms.

   Post Review
Book Summary

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As the clock struck 12:00 in the midnight of 14-15 August 1947, three words ‘Tryst With Destiny’ rocked the nation, and also echoed throughout the globe. India had broken free of the chains of colonial regime and was free to set on the road of progress and prosperity. there was a sense of euphoria, a dream of reaching Utopia seemed to be coming true. India became a role model for all colonized-countries in rest of the world.

The three words ignited the growth engine. The government gave expression of its commitment to rapid sustainable equitable growth, when the Planning Commission was constituted in 1950. The Commission was charged with the responsibility of formulating and implementing short-term and long term plans for growth and development. The Commission executed its task with all serious commitment. In sync with the objectives of the plan, the government equipped itself , backed by legislative support, with necessary controls and directives to steer the economy on the laid down path.

Journey on the road to economic freedom had began in right earnest. But soon serious road blocks appeared. The Indian economy was slowly getting trapped in puddle of debt and other stagnation. These called for mid-course corrections and new strategies to achieve the state controls.

The system of controls began to be dismantled although slowly and gradually. It was only in 1991 that the process of creative destruction gained speed. The next decade and a- half saw a paradigm change in economic policy, controls over private entrepreneurship were removed, and increasing reliance on market forces became the norm. The economy experienced phenomenal changes. But, however, the whole process of development along market-oriented trends failed to ensure economic freedom to masses. This outcome was traumatic and unnerving . The policy-making got afflicted with a serious paralysis.

Year 2014 can be seen as the beginning of a new era in economy. This has again committed to deliver sustained, inclusive, rapid (SIR) growth. This may be seen as our second attempt to knock at the door of much-awaited economic freedom. It is this tale that we have committed to narrate ever since the first edition of the book appeared in 1980.

We have been highly objective and reader-friendly from one edition to next edition of the book over the last three and a- half decades. The book is a rich source of information and analysis. We have always strived to serve rich up-to-date facts and figures on the subject. We are sure the present revised edition will prove useful to all groups of readers, be it honours and post-graudate university students, aspirants for UPSC and PSC civil services, senior grade positions in RBI, SBI and other banks, as also research analytics in different areas of economic consultancy, and B-school students. 

Book Content


  1.  Economic Development

       Meaning and Measurement of Economic Development

       Factors in Economic Development

       Role of the State and Economic Planning

       On-Going Debate on State Vs. Markets

       Developing and Emerging Economies (DEEs)


2.    Evolution of Indian Economic Policy Since Independence             


       Economic Policy—Era of Economic Planning


3.    Poverty in India

       Magnitude of Poverty in India

       Measures to Reduce Poverty

       Poverty And Five-Year Plans

       A Brief Review of Poverty Alleviation Programmes

       10 Immediate Tasks for the Government

        Market-Orientation and the Poor



4.    Natural Resources


       Land and Soils

        Crop Pattern in India

        Water Resources


        Forest Resources

        Mineral Resources



5.      Infrastructure (Transport, Communication and Energy)

         Infrastructure and Economic Growth

         Privatisation and Commercialisation of Infrastructure

         Infrastructure Development In India

         Draft Bill of a Framework for Infrastructure Regulation

         Transport Development In India

         United Transport



         Road Transport

         Inland Water Transport


         Air Transport


         Energy Resources

         Energy Problem In India


6.      Human Resources

         Human Resources and Economic Development

         Demographic Profile of India

         Nature of The Population Problem In India

         Population Policy in India


         Human Resource Development

         Key Education Bills in Queue

         Occupational Distribution of Labour Force


7.      National Income and Capital Formation

         Concept and Significance of The Study of National Income

         Trends in National Income

         Government Response

         Structural Changes in Indian Economy As Seen in the National Income Data

         Capital Formation in India

         Trends In Saving in India

         Trends in Investment

         Net Capital Inflow

         Strategy to Raise the Rate of Invest-Ment and Saving in the Economy



8.      Economic Planning in India

         Meaning and Significance of Planning

         Financing of the Plan Expenditure

         Strategy of the Plans

         Pattern of Resource Allocation

         Assessment of Performance During Plans


9.     Distribution of Income and Balanced Regional Development

        Distribution of Income

        Balanced Regional Development


10.   Employment And Unemployment


        Changing nature of rural Employment

        Nature of Unemployment in Emerging Economies (EE)

        Problem of Unemployment in India


11.   Price Behaviour During Plans


        Inflation and Economic Growth

        Price Trends in India

        Causes, Consequences and Remedies of Inflation in India



12.   Agriculture and Economic Development


        Agricultural Development: A Prelude to Industrialisation              

        Agricultural Development In India

        Long-Term Problems of Agricultural Development

        Productivity in Indian Agriculture

        New Economic Policy and Agriculture

        New Agricultural Policy, 2000

        National Commission on Farmers


13.   Technological Changes in Agriculture: Agricultural Inputs

        HYV Seeds

        Chemical Fertilisers


        Mechanisation and Power

        Agricultural Practices and Techniques

        Choice of Technology and Biotechnology

        Question of Subsidy on Inputs

        New Economic Policy and Agricultural Investment

        National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP)

        National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP)


14.   Structural and Institutional Changes in Agriculture:
        Land Reforms in India and Agricultural Labour

        Structural Changes in Agriculture

        Farm Size And Efficiency

        Size of Holdings in India

        Prospects and Requirements for Indian Agriculture

        Nature and Significance of Land Reforms

        Impact of Land Reforms               

        Suggestions for Improvement

        Agricultural Labour in India


15.   Provision of Non-Farm Services: Agricultural Finance and Marketing

        Relationship Between Credit and Agricultural Development

        Agricultural Finance in India

        Policy Developments In Respect of Agricultural Credit

        A Profile of Institutional Agencies in Agricultural Finance              


        Agricultural Marketing

        State Agricultural Produce Marketing (Development and Regulation) 
        Act, 2003

        Cooperative Marketing

        Agricultural Exports and Globalisation


16.   Food Security and Agriculture Price Policy

        Meaning of Food Security

        Food Security in India

        Food Policy in India

        Case for and Against Shift to Market-Oriented Food Policy

        Terms of Trade and Agricultural Prices

        Role of Agricultural Prices

        Agricultural Price Policy In India

        Price Policy Versus Technological Change

        Price Support Versus Input Subsidisation

        Public Distribution System


17.   Rural Development, Co-operation and Panchayati Raj

        Concept and Policy

        Cooperation and Rural Development

        Panchayati Raj in India

        Rural Non-Farm Sector

        Suggested Strategy for Rural Development


                                                                SECTION V—INDUSTRY & TRADE

18.   Industrial Progress During Plans


        Industrial Development in India

        Pattern of Industrialisation

        Features and Deficiencies

        Suggestions for Rapid Industrial Growth


        Appendix: New Industrial Revolution and India

19.   Industrial Policy and Licensing


        Industrial Policy in India

        Industrial Licensing in India

        Competition Law in India

        Competition Act, 2002

        New Competition Policy              

        Foreign Exchange Management Act 

        Companies Act 2013      

        Other Controls 

        Phase of Liberalisation  

        Weaknesses of Industrial Policy               

        Need For Regulation

        Report of the Committee on Reforming Investment Approval and
        Implementation Procedure

        National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council (NMCC)

        National Manufacturing Policy

        5-year National Manufacturing Plan

        Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

        Related Issues in Industrial Development

        Technological Obsolescence and Modernisation               

        Productivity In Indian Industry


20.   Public Enterprises and Privatisation


        Meaning and Rationale


        Role and Contribution   


        New Industrial Policy 1991 and Public Sector

        Suggestions for Improving The Performance of Public Enterprises

        Private Sector in India

        Privatisation of the Economy

        National Investment Fund


21.   Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises



        Rationale of MSME Sector

        Problems of MSMEs

        Measures to Promote SMEs

        Suggested Remedies

        New Policy for Small Industries, 1991

        Agro-Based Industries


22.   Industrial Labour in India


        Industrial Development and Labour In India

        Labour Legislation in India

        Labour Welfare

        Social Security in India

        Social Policy in India

        Wage Policy

        Industrial Disputes and Relations in India

        Industrial Restructuring and Labour

        Trade Unions In India

        Workers’ Participation in Management

        Exit Policy

         Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA)

         International Labour Standards


23.    Foreign Trade of India and Balance of Payments

         Trade and Economic Growth

         Trade Policy and Strategy

         Analysis of India’s Foreign Trade During Plans

         Volume of India’s Foreign Trade              

         Composition of India’s Foreign Trade

         Direction of India’s Foreign Trade

         Balance of Payments and Problem of Deficits

         Current Account Deficit (CAD): Boon or Bane

         Trends in India’s Balance of Payments

         Problem of Deficits and Trade Policy

         Measures For Export Promotion              

         Export-Import Policy—2014-19 

         Management of Foreign Exchange Reserves

         Trends in Foreign Exchange Reserves

         Exchange Rate Reforms               

         Exports of Services (Or Invisibles)

         Saarc Preferential Trading Agreement (SAPTA)

         SAPTA to SAFTA              


24.    Foreign Capital and Multinational Corporations in India

         Capital Transfers and Economic Growth

         External Commercial Borrowings by India

         Asian Economic Community

         A Brief Profile of India’s External Debt (ED)

         Sovereign Borrowings

         Capital Transfers and Economic Growth

         Multinational Corporations

         Foreign Capital in India

         Global Depository Receipts

         Foreign Institutional Investors

         India’s Overseas Investments

         Overseas Investment Company

         Money Laundering         



25.    Financial System and Commercial Banking in India

         Role in Economic Development

         Indian Commercial Banking Structure

         Role of Commercial Banks In India’s Economic Development

         Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCS)

         Financial Sector Reforms


26.    Reserve Bank and Monetary Regulation in India               

         Reserve Bank of India

         Traditional Central Banking Functions

         Supply of Money in India

         Monetary Policy in India

         Market Stabilisation Scheme (MSS)

         Evaluation of the Monetary Policy in India

         RBI Autonomy

         WMA Agreements


27.    Industrial Finance and Development Banking in India

         Industrial Finance

         Capital Market

         National Stock Exchange

         Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

         Securities Trading Corporation of India (STCI)

         National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL)

         Clearing Corporation of India Ltd. (CCIL)               

         Commercial Banks

         Development Banking In India

         Universal Banking

         Debt Markets in India

         Financial Inclusion


28.    Fiscal System in India


         Budgetary Policy and Economic Development

         Federal Finance In India               

         The Finance Commission

         Fourteenth Finance Commission (FFC)

         Restructuring The Centre-State Financial Relations

         Union Budget—Trends

         Union Budget 2016-17: Four Pillars

         Fiscal Responsibility and Budgetary Management Act, 2003

         New Fiscal Architecture               

         State Finances  

         Local Finance

         Growth of Public Expenditure in India

         India’s Tax Structure

         Kelkar Panel Report

         Black Economy in India 

         Commodity Taxation in India

         Value Added Tax (Vat)

         Custom Duty Reforms

         Presumptive Taxation

         Zero-Tax Companies and Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT)              

         Goods and Services Tax (GST)

         Securities Transaction Tax (STT)

         Zero Base Budgeting (ZBB)

         Parthasarthi Shome Committee Report

         Public Debt In India


29.    Modi-Era Economics: Reform to Transform


         Lower Oil Prices: Gainers and Losers

         Globalisation and the Indian Economy

         Liberalisation and Governance

         Globalisation and Global Governance

         Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN)

         World Trade Organisation  (WTO)

         TRIPs Patents and India

         The BRIC Alliance to CIVITS

         Global Economic Crisis and Implications for India

         Dollar—As International Reserve Currency

         Financial Literacy

         Understanding India’s economic geography

         South Korea: Lesson for India

         Balance Sheet of Modi-Era: Credits and Debits

         Snippets of Recent Policy Initiatives



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