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Business Economics
Book ID SCS2521
ISBN No. 978-81-8054-738-6
Book Name Business Economics
Book sub-title 1st Edition
Author/s name/s : Maheshwari K.L. , Maheshwari R.K. , Varshney R.L.
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Publisher Name Sultan Chand & Sons
Publishing Year 2018
Book Price (Printed) INR 200   
Book Price (Our Price) INR 200   
Book Page xx + 540

   Post Review
Book Summary

Salient Features

  • The first book on Business Economics based on Unit-wise structure of course contents to facilitate teaching, study and examination in Guru Govind Singh Inderaprastha Univerity, Delhi Business Economics Curriculum.
  • Metrical Dimension of the Subject is also duly emphasized.
  • A number of decision-making situations in the form of practical illustrations of solved practical problems and case study illustration have been included.
  • A good number of Indian examples and examples and experiences specially relevant for Indian Student have been incorporated.
  • Numerous Tables, Diagrams and Charts Illustrate analysis of different concepts/principles and their application.
  • A large number of Practical Problems with Solutions. Objective Type Questions – Multiple choice type and True and False type and Review Questions at chapter end are given so as to provide ample material for class dicussion, Homework assignments and University Examinations.
  • Plenty of solved numericals (non-calculus as well as involving elementary calculus) are given.
  • A number of Cases for class discussion and home assignments are provided.
  • A rich Question Bank follows comprising solved short answer questions and true / false and correct / incorrect type questions besides recent examination paper of GGSIP University Delhi.
Book Content

Brief  Contents

Section I : Introduction to Business Economics and Fundamental Concepts 

Nature, Scope and Importance of Business Economics • Fundamental Concepts in Business Economics.

Section II : Economic Theories of Consumer Behaviour

Utility Theory • Indifference Curve Analysis • Income and Substitution Effect.

Section III : Demand Analysis

Theory of Demand : Demand Determinants • Demand Elasticities—Concepts and Measurement.

Section IV : Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting—General Considerations • Demand Forecasting – Survey Methods • Demand Forecasting – Statistical Methods.

Section V : Theory of Production

Production and Factors of Production • Production Functions • Economics and Diseconomies of Scale.

Section VI : Cost Analysis

Cost Concepts • Short-run and Long-run Cost Curves – Traditional and Modern Approaches.

Section VII : Price-Output Decisions

Market Structure • Perfect competition and Price Output Decisions • Monopoly and Price-Output Decisions • Price Discrimination • Monopolistic Competition and Price-Output Decisions • Oligopoly and Price-Output Decisions • Oligopoly – Classical Models • Collusive Oligopoly – Cartels • Price Leadership.


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