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Principles of Management
Book ID SCS379
ISBN No. 978-93-5161-120-5
Book Name Principles of Management
Book sub-title Sixth Edition
Author/s name/s : Pagare Dinkar
Publisher Name Sultan Chand & Sons
Publishing Year 2018
Book Price (Printed) INR 250   
Book Price (Our Price) INR 250   
Book Size 19 x 25 cms.
Book Page xx + 412
Book Weight 550 gms.

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Book Summary

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About the Book

  • Principles of Management (Sixth Edition) – is the revised version of one of the bestselling books of the author.  The book has been prescribed by scores of Universities in India, Africa, Middle East,  South East Asia and professional institutes like Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Institute of Cost and Management Accountants, Institute of Company Secretaries, etc. 
  • The book has been recommended by renowned professors, college teachers and appreciated by students across generations. The first edition of the book appeared in 1980. For colleges and institutes where the book is a recommended reading, Google search Dinkar Pagare – Business Management.
  • The book presents updated subject matter on management based on latest research and contemporary developments across global organizations and interesting case studies at end of each chapter.
  • The present Sixth Edition of the book, like the previous editions, is written in a simple, lucid, and conversational manner. 

Special Features

  • The current edition acknowledges the additions and improvements suggested by valued readers.
  • The chapter 'Types of Organization', gives a detailed discussion on Project, Matrix, Committee and Free-Form Organizations. 
  • The chapter 'Groups in Organization' presents an informed discussion on Group Dynamics and Sociometry.  
  • The chapter 'Types and Techniques of Training' presents well-researched matter on Role Playing, Management Games, Brainstorming and Sensitivity Training Techniques.
  • The chapter, 'Motivation' incorporates the modern theories of motivation, e.g., Expectancy, 'Z' and Job Satisfaction.
  • The chapter, 'Control Devices' presents a comprehensive discussion on Break-Even Point Analysis, Return on Investment Control (ROI), Programme Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT), Management Information System (MIS), and Cybernetics.
Book Content

Part I–Introductory : Meaning of Management

  • Nature and Scope of Management
  • Levels of Management
  • Art and Science of Management
  • Management as a Profession
  • Objectives and Social Responsibilities of Business
  • Functions of Managers.


Part II–Evolution of Management Thought

  • Pioneers of Management Thought
  • Schools of Management Thought
  • Meaning and Evaluation of Scientific Management
  • Elements or Techniques of Scientific Management
  • Fayol's Theory of Management.


Part III–Planning: Meaning, Nature and Importance of Planning

  • Process of Planning
  • Decision-Making
  • Methods of Planning


Part IV–Organisation : Meaning, Nature and Importance of Organisation

  • Theory of Organisation
  • Types of Organisation
  • Departmentation
  • Delegation
  • Decentralisation.


Part V–Communication: Meaning and Importance of Communication

  • Methods of Communication.


Part VI–Personnel Management : Meaning of Personnel Management

  • Personnel Planning
  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • Types and Techniques of Training
  • Motivation
  • Hawthorne Studies
  • Job Analysis and Evaluation
  • Methods of Wage Payment
  • Employee Efficiency and Welfare.


Part VII–Supervision : Meaning and Importance of Supervision

  • Span of Supervision
  • Responsibilities of Supervisors
  • Leadership.


Part VIII–Control : Nature and Process of Control

  • Techniques of Control.
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